About Rachel Olson and Olson Architects

Rachel M. Olson, AIA, a Durango, CO Achitect

Olson Architects is the realization of a dream many years in the making. A conservative estimate would use the fifteen years that Rachel Olson, AIA, has spent honing her craft with commercial and residential projects throughout Colorado.

To that end, Rachel now joins her love, skill, and collaborative spirit to that of the team at her own firm. Olson Architects is, first and foremost, about connecting with clients. Before anything else, Rachel sits down with the people behind each project to learn about who they are outside of it, because that can inform the project just as much as any specific needs or asks.

The team’s goal is not only to provide solutions, but also to design something that perfectly complements the ways that people interact with space. It is practicality combined with a thorough attention to detail. The result is an intuitively functional space with a distinct and welcoming character.

Education: University of Colorado at Boulder, Bachelor of Environmental Design, major in architecture, December 2005, and is a licensed architect in Colorado.